Friday, October 8, 2010

Memories from this week {and a few from last week}~

Pipes that burst…



and everyone “helping” Daddy fix them.


What was supposed to be apple pie playdough…


was more like an apple-pie-smelling-snot-green-dinosaur egg.

(We could not find the cake decorating food colors and were running low on regular food colors.  At least it smelled good!)

Sunshine Girl learned to swing all by herself.


She doesn’t need mommy to help anymore.  {sigh}

Everyone loves when Daddy gets home from work…


he loves to be home too and starts playing before even changing out of the tie.


I just wanted to share some of our simple everyday memories.  We’ve got big plans for the weekend and are planning to make some memories.  I’m sure they’ll show up around here!

Have a great weekend!

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