Sunday, November 22, 2009

Crafting is good for the soul


Album 11-22-2009 009 Oh, how I love to create things.  I often don’t have time but this past week I found myself sitting there nursing a cold and since I can’t just sit and I didn’t feel like reading (say what?), I decided to craft. 

It feels so good to be creative.  It creates joy in me.  I need it but often times, I push it back to make way for things that have to be done.  It’s just that season of my life and I try to remember that.  My mom tells me that one day, I’ll have time to craft but will miss these busy days with my children. 

So I am thankful for my busy household and appreciate those moments that I can steal away to create something to add beauty to my home.  And I love the comments from my family as I bless our home with works of creativity…

“Mommy, ours house is pretty.” ~ Sunshine Girl, 3 years old

Album 11-22-2009 011

(Original idea for banner found on The Homespun Heart.)

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