Saturday, March 6, 2010

Homeschooling in a small house – part 2 ~ Updated pictures

Before I left for my blog break, I started posting about our homeschooling in our small house.  In the original post, I stated that I would post updated pictures because I had actually changed it up again.  After schooling in our new setup for a few weeks, it seems to really be working for us and our situation.


I turned the coat rack against the smaller wall and since it is a bench, it also doubles as a seat.  The two smaller children will sit there to do “school” with us.  We pull two chairs from the kitchen and one chair is always in this corner to be used as needed. 


I usually stand or sit here at the end of the table.  (That depends on if the baby is asleep or awake. ;0)  Since my daughter is a first grader and needs more help, this place is good for me to be close to teach her.  

We have a computer on the opposite corner of the room for my older sons’ math programs which are computerized. 


I still fold the table up at the end of most days just so the room returns to a living room. (And some days, I just leave it there.)  After the kids have gone to bed, I pull the table out so that I can load their work folders for the next day of school. 

You may notice that there are different maps on the wall in the pictures and you may also wonder about our use of visual aids.  I am a very visual person and definitely have children who need visual aids so I make them a part of our school.  I do not want my living room to be full of posters though.  My next post will share with you how I manage our visual aids in our home school.

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