Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Snowy Day~

The Snowy Day

Evan and Abby have been reading The Snowy Day.  We live in the deep south so it is unusual for us to get snow.  Every year, we decorate our windows with snow flakes.


In the past, we have even made some snow.  See our post about our snow activities here.

I was very surprised and thankful that we did not have to make snow this year because God blessed us with this:



But we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to make edible snowflakes.


To make, simply fold a flour tortilla into fourths and cut as you would a paper snowflake.


Fry in a little oil for a short while.  (They burn easily.) 

Then sprinkle with powdered sugar.



For lapbooking printables for The Snowy Day, visit this link at Homeschoolshare.

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