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What to plant in Louisiana {July}

 June 7, 2012 040

Temperatures have hit 100 degrees (plus) in Louisiana!  Can we still plant anything or is it too hot for the seeds to germinate? 

According to this Louisiana publication, we can plant the following:

broccoli seed (after 7/15)

brussels sprouts seed (after 7/15)



cauliflower (I’m assuming seed on this one.  My chart didn’t specify.)

chinese cabbage (after 7/15)

collard greens



southern peas

bell pepper (seed – only until 7/5)

bell pepper plants (after 7/15)




summer squash

tomato plants (for a fall crop)



Here’s what I’ve planted recently despite the high temps that has germinated and is growing:

watermelons, cantaloupes, cucumbers, collard greens

This month we will also be planting:

crowder peas, black beans, pumpkins and butternut squash

To see actual planting dates, please visit the LSU Ag Center.

Are you planting any crops in July?

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