Wednesday, January 9, 2013

{hair and blog}changes

Change has been brewing here in our little deep south home. 

First it started with the hair.

It went from this:

 Dave and Age

That’s some mighty long hair there!

To my new hair-do which is about 12 inches shorter:


And for some reason my hair is looking really red or even a little orange in that picture.  It’s still the same color as the first picture.  The lighting in our house just really stinks when it comes to nighttime pictures. 

And now for the blog change…

After a few years of blogging here in this little space and changing my blog name a gazillion few times, I felt the need to get my name and url streamlined and all of my stuff in one place.  So I am going to be blogging at my new blog home

simply and truly

The new blog is not quite finished but I have imported all of my current blog’s posts over there.  I will continue to work bit by bit to make the new blog feel more like home.  I’m not sure how long Simply Adriane will stay open.  I know that some people like to visit here from Pinterest so I’m thinking on how to handle that so that the pins on Pinterest won’t be broken. 

I hope you will join me over at my new place!

I’m still going to be writing on homeschooling, gardening, frugal living, stretching our little home, and many other things.  It’s still me, just at a new bloggy home!

And just in case you needed it again, here’s a link to the new blog!

simply and truly

I hope to see you there! 

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